Sunday, 31 October 2010

Its difficult to start again

I spent the last few years working on an idea for a book, eventually writing it, then reworking it, then finding the idea for it, though valid and workable, improperly executed, causing a further two re writes, eventually, after eight years of working on the idea, and submitting it to the hands of my editor, finally coming out of the dark forest of thoughts and work with a book about a person called Gordon Brock. It is based around the idea of power politics and the lives of gifted people and the place of the highly gifted in our society, for instance, whether they would be better working in the midst of great corporations answering the call of market forces or if they should take something of a more romantic approach , eventually titling it One Inch Punch. After a while, like most ideas that stay with one, it became central to my life and my reading, and worringly grew to a staggering size. I wondered what life would be like when the story was finished and what I would do with my time. thankfully life takes care of such worries. Now the edits  are all but over the duties and concerns that writing the book pushed out of my mind have returned and I am intensely busy, and glad to be so. Boredom and inactivity are a torment. Certainly for me they are.