Thursday, 23 December 2010

New Blog


I have another blog. One thats much better than this one and a bit more private. HTTP://ORANRYAN.COM


Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Today I deactivated my Facebook Account. I had long found it an irritating and telegrammatic method of interacting with friends, and moreover found it more an arena for social competitiveness and careerism than a true social network. People posting their latest publication credits, their successes, and what time they got up in the morning becomes exhausting and mind boggling after a while. Does it really matter? I dont think so. Fb gives the illusion of intimacy, but without the real deal. Its genius lies in its capacity to connect without the interaction. I stayed as long as I did on Facebook because I was nervous about the reaction of my family, who are rather critical of my isolationist tendencies, and worry about my depressive personality. The irony is I trumpeted FB to many, but in the end its more like an addiction than a real addition to ones social life. I will try blogging. At least I know no one will be reading this.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Beginning to realize how complex the world of blogging is. How competitive, how demanding. I really dont know if I am up for it.



We got a new breed

Just like the old breed

And the new breed

They lived for greed


Heard the song by the the new boss

                                        Same as the old boss


I guess it made me think how our future has been mortgaged to an 80bn EU debt.




Thursday, 2 December 2010

Twisted Christmas California Dreamin'

I f that wasn’t enough as part of their Twisted Christmas features, stories and dramas giving a quirky take on the whole Christmas season, Oran Ryan will be sharing credits with such luminaries as Barry Devlin, writer of the soon to be released movie  A kiss for Jed Wood. (Yes! Barry Devlin of Horslips) and the featured writer is the marvellous Lora Lee Lorden Templeton. The show is broadcast live on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and there will be pod casts available, for those so interested.
Heres what KRCB have to say about their Twisted Christmas feature
In a dangerous world full of chaos and uncertainty, it’s good to know that some things can still counted on Twisted Christmas is one of those things, returning again for its eighth unpredictable year. The annual lit-comedy-variety show will once again feature the strangest and funniest holiday stories we could find, read aloud by political satirist Will Durst, Reed Martin (of the Reduced Shakespeare Company), comic Debi Durst, actor John Moran, and more. Listen for a special treat from monologist Josh Kornbluth, and outrageous performances by Doug Jayne (singing the Weirdest Christmas Songs Ever Written). Hosted by North Bay journalist and performer David Templeton, the show will also feature a tribute to Christmas carols by the Twisted Christmas All-Ukulele Orchestra

Sunday, 28 November 2010


Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Another glorious day in the corps....

The overwhelming sense of distress over our economy, and moreover the sense of our future being mortgaged, as well as the governmental language of 'acting in the best interests of the country' after decades of collusion with investors and the now defunct banking system, has deepened the country's cynicism and anger and sense of being 'had'. In one sense there is a part of me that is not surprised by all that has happened, but another part feels terrible disappointed that Ireland wasted a chance for real prosperity on the pursuit of a kind of vacuous nouveau riche wealth.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Its difficult to start again

I spent the last few years working on an idea for a book, eventually writing it, then reworking it, then finding the idea for it, though valid and workable, improperly executed, causing a further two re writes, eventually, after eight years of working on the idea, and submitting it to the hands of my editor, finally coming out of the dark forest of thoughts and work with a book about a person called Gordon Brock. It is based around the idea of power politics and the lives of gifted people and the place of the highly gifted in our society, for instance, whether they would be better working in the midst of great corporations answering the call of market forces or if they should take something of a more romantic approach , eventually titling it One Inch Punch. After a while, like most ideas that stay with one, it became central to my life and my reading, and worringly grew to a staggering size. I wondered what life would be like when the story was finished and what I would do with my time. thankfully life takes care of such worries. Now the edits  are all but over the duties and concerns that writing the book pushed out of my mind have returned and I am intensely busy, and glad to be so. Boredom and inactivity are a torment. Certainly for me they are.