Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Today I deactivated my Facebook Account. I had long found it an irritating and telegrammatic method of interacting with friends, and moreover found it more an arena for social competitiveness and careerism than a true social network. People posting their latest publication credits, their successes, and what time they got up in the morning becomes exhausting and mind boggling after a while. Does it really matter? I dont think so. Fb gives the illusion of intimacy, but without the real deal. Its genius lies in its capacity to connect without the interaction. I stayed as long as I did on Facebook because I was nervous about the reaction of my family, who are rather critical of my isolationist tendencies, and worry about my depressive personality. The irony is I trumpeted FB to many, but in the end its more like an addiction than a real addition to ones social life. I will try blogging. At least I know no one will be reading this.

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  1. Fbook can be addictive all right.I find there is just too much information.And yeah, I get sick of every minor update, photo, opinion etc.You can of course choose what you read but its endless distraction. Re friend lists - I think you can have categories of friends , friend list 1, list 2 etc. and u can remove all posts by an individual, by topic etc.
    Distraction - See The Shallows by Nicholas Carr.V interesting on what 'net is doing to our brains.I'm trying out 'Google + 'but it's no good unless my friends migrate ...